About Us

The Studio in Croydon specialises in bespoke graphic design and modern websites. The graphic designers & web designers take great pride in their work, so you’ll never leave with anything but a fantastic and well-considered product.

The Studio in South Croydon is an offshoot of Cherrill Print, refurnished as a place for its most creative minds to work together, brainstorm and come up with the right solution for each job. Set apart from the noise of a busy print shop, The Studio allows its team the best atmosphere for their creative efforts.

Our graphic designers have been crafting logos, posters, leaflets and much more for years. With decades of experience between them, you know you’re getting a high-quality service from professionals with a mandate to fulfil your needs.

The Studio also serves Croydon and the surrounding area with bespoke, modern web design, built using the most popular and versatile website management tool around – WordPress. Sleek, clean and mobile-ready, you’ll know going in that a site designed by The Studio will be visually attractive, responsive and stand the test of time to outlive fleeting trends.

Call us on 020 8666 0210

For graphic design: info@thestudio-creative.co.uk

For web design: web@thestudio-creative.co.uk