Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a handy list of answers to our most frequently asked questions (faqs). Feel free to contact us with all enquiries.

Web Design

Do you cover the cost of a domain name?

Due to the fluctuations in pricing, we are unable to cover the cost of a domain name. What we can do is purchase it on your behalf and charge it to you without a mark-up. You are more than welcome to purchase the domain yourself should you prefer.

How many revisions can I expect for my website?

We allow two sets of revisions once the initial proofing has been made (so three in total), with further alterations charged at an hourly rate unless due to an oversight of the design team.

Can I transfer the existing e-mails from my old site?

We advise you to save your existing e-mail details and important client info until the new system is up and running. The webmail we create may forward to any account you wish, but with new hosting comes a brand new mailbox. Should you prefer to keep your old hosting and simply have us redesign, then your e-mails will be unaffected.

What about hosting rates and general support?

Every site we build is granted one year’s free hosting, but due to the nature of the work involved, hosting with someone else won’t lower the cost overall. Following the free year, you have the option to stay with us at around £60 a year, which is a close estimate due to possible adjustments or fluctuations later on.

Should problems arise through no fault of your own then we will be happy to investigate. If they arise due to a customer’s alterations, however, we will either have to reinstall or work on the site at an hourly rate.

What if I wish to host elsewhere later on?

Should you choose to go elsewhere for hosting after the free year, that’s perfectly fine. We can give you all the details that your new host will require.

Why use WordPress?

We use WordPress as it’s one of the best, most popular and fastest-growing web platforms around. Mobile friendly and easily picked up by Google, WordPress keeps the end user and modern needs in mind.

Its content-management system allows you to make minor tweaks and changes from the comfort of your own home, instead of e-mailing us unless you so choose.


What size is the photography studio?

The main studio area is 11ft 8inch (3560mm) width, 12ft 6inch (3820mm) Length.
The back studio area is 8ft 5inch (2570mm) width, 13ft 3inch (4040mm) Length.

(Total area approx 260 sq ft)

Our opening times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You’re welcome to arrange a visit to ensure that it meets your needs.

What equipment will I need to bring?

Our photography studio is fully equipped with Bowens lighting, plus backdrops including lastolite cloth and paper coloramas.

All you need to bring is an SLR camera with a PC sync socket or a flash hot shoe. If your camera has none of these, you will be unable to use it in the studio.

Do I own the copyright of the images?

All self-taken images will be yours to keep in their entirety. The copyright of images taken by our photographers will depend upon your requirements and the services purchased.

Is a deposit needed to hire the photography studio?

Yes, a £20 deposit will be required when booking.