We at The Studio love building sites for our clients, but the process can be a tricky one for a number of reasons. Here we list some challenges of web design that professionals may encounter, plus a few ways to overcome them.

1. Not having a clear branding or design brief.

No one expects clients to have all content ready to go at once, but a common challenge stems from simply not having enough to go on. ‘Build me a website’ is an easy thing to say, but moving forward without an idea of colour preference or business plans can seriously hamper the process. Success is a simple blend of patience and persistence – the vast majority of customers are happy to hear suggestions and ideas to better themselves. Communication and the right attitude are key.

2. Balancing workload and pricing structure.

Everyone wants to set a tantalising price and be the best at what they do. What’s not so easy is juggling client needs with time and profit. Spending too long on a job at a low cost isn’t always the best business plan, but it’s tough to draw a line when customer satisfaction is key. The best response is good time management, getting customer approval early on and allowing changes based on price before completing the job.

3. Theme issues.

When dealing with a CMS system like WordPress, you can expect a learning curve as every theme is different. What’s not as forgiveable is when things don’t pan out like the demo, leading to coding frustration and even a few calls to support. Issues with plug-ins can also prove a deal-breaker, leading to a complete shift in the design process. We prefer to stick to the best themes around, scouring reviews, comments and responses to discover which flaws – if any – a theme might have before production.

4. A lack of visual congruence.

At one time or another, you’ll find things just aren’t clicking the way they should. Everything runs smoothly and yet you still aren’t happy – it’s just not as ‘visually together’ as planned. It’s a tough challenge to overcome even when you’ve discovered the root of the problem (eg. a poor choice of imagery.) Stepping back is a great way to see the issue from another perspective, as is getting a fresh set of eyes to scope out the problem. What appears flawed to one person might look perfect to another.

5. Web design is an organic, ever-growing industry.

What was all the rage yesterday won’t always be wanted tomorrow, not to mention the balancing act of visual appeal vs. search engine optimization. No job is ever completely finished either, with possible function changes due to updates and incoming client requests. Although following these trends can be a challenge, it’s great to offer new services to loyal customers and fresh clients alike.

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