So you’ve decided that you need a new website and that The Studio offers the best service for you. Here we outline some of the basics as well as some of the workings behind how your site is made.

Many sites boast exceptionally low prices for the service of web design, but then bump up that cost by hundreds when you request something as simple as an image slider, contact form, gallery or social media icon. The Studio prides itself on providing a service that you can rely on at a reasonable cost, meaning that each of those items now comes freely available in the Starter Package and above.

We begin by asking a few questions regarding your preferences, colour scheme, what sort of images you own or would want included. You might have already seen a design that inspired you to scrap your old site in the first place. Any info can help us build your site speedily and efficiently. We can make suggestions based on modern trends, how to choose a great domain name and then discuss things in finer detail.

We consider which WordPress theme best suits your branding and needs, basing the decision on functionality, design and stability. If you’ve stated that you wish to perform edits yourself later on, we also take this into account. We use only the best themes around; complex enough to provide a terrific amount of customisation, but simple enough for you to make quick text and image edits once the hard work is done.

We’ll need to know the title of each page as well as the text you want included. The text will be read through, with spelling and grammar corrected if necessary. In the meantime, your site will be hosted (free for a year) and a maintenance mode put up so customers know how to contact you in the short-term. Soon you’ll be given a sneak peek at your brand new website. This is your chance to tell us what you’d like changed, having us continue with the design work in the direction that you see fit. We aim to have your site finished within two weeks of having received the written content, although this is dependent on the volume of changes requested.

Once the final proof has been checked and the invoice has been paid, you’ll receive the login details to your new site and webmail account, plus the simple user guide where applicable.

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